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Visiting Pakistan


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Your name suggests that you are from India or at least Indian origin. Pakistan isn't the best place for an Indian when it comes to holidays in my own personal view. People do come to Pakistan from India to visit religious places of their faiths but someone from India looking to spend holidays in Pakistan with family is unheard of.

Having said all the above, Pakistan has a lot to offer for every one including children and the natural beauty Pakistan has is one of the best in the world. Browse around on the forum and check out some of the travel guides and I am sure you would like what you see. Lahore is one place where Indians come a lot for the food there.
Come to Lahore , there are several places to go with your family ,

The main famous places to visit the city Lahore are:
1. Mall Road
2. Fortress Stadium
3. Lahore Museum
4. Bahria Town
5. Lahore Zoo
6. Baadshahi Mosque
7. Minar - e - Pakistan
8. Shalimar Bagh
9. Lawrence Garden
10. and so many more

and as a visitor its a good place to come