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Trekking in Pakistan

Trekking is something I have been looking into for some time and I have finally decided that I will begin a trekking adventure. Before I start my tour I would like to get some information about trekking in Pakistan. Its quite a broad question but honestly speaking I dont know what all I need to ask specifically, so any kind of information would be useful. I would like some suggestions on what all places there are for trekking, preparation, precautions, time that is taken while trekking, basically any information you may have will be useful.

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Your question is very subjective and I don't know how to answer this apart from writing a lengthy essay on this topic. I would appreciate if you could ask specific questions that need specific answers.


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Gilgit offers everything you would ever want for trekking but its a long way from Islamabad. Depending on where you live you can find near by destinations as well but there is nothing like Gilgit and surrounding areas.


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I will have to agree with Samina on Gilgit. For trekking Gilgit is one of the best destinations not just in Pakistan but world over. Gilgit gets lots of tourists every year who go trekking there.
definitely true rida... but i had a lot experience of trekking in pakistan, didnt come across any mishap alhamdulillah. now most of the areas in pakistan are quite safe... so we should be optimistic in our approach plus also have security planned...