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Traveling by Road in Pakistan

Travel by Road – Basic Guidelines

Traveling by road, might be an adventure for many people. But! On the other hand travelling by road also involve certain risks; which can be reduced to a certain extent by planning a trip by considering pros and cons. Air planes, railways, and buses are means of transportation commonly used by the people of Pakistan to travel inter cities. People also enjoy to travel by road, using their own private vehicles along with their families. In the first place it is advised to travel through plane, second option to travel via train, and the third option are the buses. Pakistan has airports in all major cities and different airlines are operating flights within the country. Traveling through railways and buses is also considered as safe means of traveling inter-cities. Pakistan Railways and reputed private buses are providing their best services for travelers to travel safe at reasonable cost. Still! If you are enthusiastic about traveling by road, using your own private vehicle. As a tourist it is very important to consider following measures;

  • What time of year you want to travel? Weather is an important factor which can spoil the excursion.

  • Selection of appropriate means of transport - People usually travel by Public buses or private vehicles. Metro services is considered the best bus service provider in the country.

  • Plan route you want to follow to reach your destination.

  • Select time frame to start your journey. Plan stations to take break. It is recommended: not to drive at night.

  • Must understand the road map and signs to follow directions on the road. The best suggestion is to use a GPRS gadget as a guide to road map.

  • Get your vehicle checked by mechanics for trouble shoot if any problem exists.

  • It is suggested to travel in caravan, and have alternate drivers to drive your vehicle.

  • Must fasten your seat belts for the safety purposes.

  • Necessarily carry first aid box, and fire extinguisher as a part of a safety kit.
Traveling by road for long distance drive is caused a very risky, because the driver can get tired and should have some rest while driving continuously. A few over night halts are also a good idea.
Day 2 (Northern Areas Of Pakistan Tour) Gilgit Baltistan
Here comes Sunday and here is our Second Travel log.
This was a road trip from Naran to Hunza via Lake Saif Ul Malook & Babusar Top.
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Starting Point - Naran
First Stop - Lake Saif Ul Malook (Saif ul Mulk)
Second Stop - Babusar Top
End Point - Hunza (not in the video)