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Travel Vaccination - Pakistan

Vaccination is a medical process to protect people from getting affected from various viral infections and diseases. The health ministry of Pakistan is responsible to decide upon vaccination policy for visitors planning to visit Pakistan. People are advised to plan their visit in advance, so they can vaccinate properly and have time to develop immunity in their bodies.​

Common ailments shots/vaccination: includes measles, mumps-rubella (MMR), tetanus, vaccine, chickenpox, polio, and flu vaccines. These are the vaccines which are required as per age of a person. All these are considered as routine vaccines.​

Traveler Vaccines: are advised to take as there is always a risk of getting caught into the diseases. Following are the potential diseases that are considered harmful and present in the territory of Pakistan.

1. Hepatitis A.
2. Hepatitis B.
3. Polio.
4. Typhoid.
5. Japanese Encephalitis.
6. Malaria.
7. Rabies.
8. Yellow fever.​

It is not necessary that everyone requires all shots against all diseases mention above. It depends on the following;​

1. The health record as per your age.
2. An area in which you are going to visit.
3. For how long you are going to stay?
4. History of your regular shots?
5. Have you had completed your course of polio vaccine in childhood or not. If not you have to get yourself vaccinated only once in your lifetime to visit Pakistan.
6. If you are with your children, Have they received shots for polio vaccine. If not, they must get the vaccination against polio to visit Pakistan.
7. Are you going to work as an aid worker?
8. Are you going to work for wildlife?
9. Are you pregnant?

The travelers must consult the nearest doctor in the country before travelling to Pakistan. You must discuss your health history and seek advice for shots against necessary vaccinations which can keep you protected under the above circumstances.

Following are few vaccinations which are considered necessary for travelers going to Pakistan;

1. Diphtheria.
2. Hepatitis A.
3. Malaria.
4. Rabies.
5. Tetanus.
6. Typhoid.

Shots for all above are usually available in the combined forms. It is not necessary that all are injected separately. The vaccination for all in one are available.

Some preventive measures against ailment

1. Always drink clean water. It is urged to use mineral water of a reputed brand. Drink juices and milk concealed in tetra packs.
2. Avoid eating food from restaurants, and especially from hawkers standing along roadsides. Else, there is always a risk of diarrhea and food poisoning due to poor hygiene. Overeating can also result in the same manner. Always eat well cooked food, especially meat.
3. Use mosquito repellent whenever you want to go outside, especially going countrysides for a picnic.
4. Wear hats and sunscreen lotions to save yourself and children from heat stroke.
5. Use clean toilets, and always wash hands with warm water. It is recommended to wash hands several times a day. Do not eat anything without washing hands with soaps or antibacterial liquid.
6. Always keep a medical kit along. The kit must include some aspirins, first aid items and medicine you think are necessary for you.