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Travel to Lahore for white (blond haired) American woman


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I am looking to visit my friend at Lahore who used to work with me here in the States but have moved back to Pakistan recently. I know him very well from working together for three years so that way it is not a worry atall. I am worried about the security situation in general. I am also wondering if there are many westerners there who venture out with local guys at restaurants and shops for example? My friend has been telling me it is safe but I am wondering if there are some things he is not considering me being a foreigner with all that news in TV about the security situation in Pakistan. I am a little worried and undecided on this. I am hoping to get some good replies on this and some do's and dont's if I do visit.

If I visit I would also like to go to a few other places like up North to the hills and also Karachi and hopefully relax on the beaches if that is not out of the ordinary there.



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As you said you have someone whom you already know in Pakistan so it is going to be easy for you. Safety comes with common sense, just don't trust strangers and let your host decide what and where to go and where not to. Pakistanis are mostly friendly with tourists and all you need to do is stay away from the troubled areas that is all. The places you have mentioned are not one of those so it is all good.
Beaches? yes lots but not where you could lie down in your bikini unless you are staying at a hotel that has their own private beach section it is a big no no. Going to the beaches is fine as long as you don't show too much of your skin. Not that hell would break.. its just that you will get too many stares and if you can handle that then do whatever you want.

Up north if you want to go then take a flight to some place like Gilgit or something where you wont have to travel long distances by road. A lot of tourists do go by road so don't get me wrong but I personally believe it is much safer and comfortable by air. There are plenty of resorts and other good properties where you can stay.

I hope this helps.


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It is not as scary as it sounds. I have been in Lahore for over a year myself. I am not blond but born and raised in the UK so I know what concerns you have in your mind but trust me its a great place and you will love the experiences you will have here. Lahore has the best street food aswell and I love Lahore for its food. North west frontier cuisine is another specialty and you will love the stuff that comes out the tandoor (Clay oven). People are full of warmth and affection towards tourists in Lahore.