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Tourist attractions at Lahore


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Pakistan is filled with a variety of cultures, languages, traditions and norms. Every city has a different colour and culture. Lahore is known as the heart of Pakistan because it is the liveliest city of the country. There are a lot of things to do in Lahore. Sites vary from historical to modern lifestyles. Lahore It is the city of gardens, historical places, convivial people, vibrancy, colors and vivaciousness. Being fifth Asian largest city, it has a huge variety of population. There are a lot of things said and told about the city like' it is number one in hospitality and friendly environment. There is a unique amalgamation of culture in Lahore so a variety of festivals and events are celebrated here. There are a lot of things to do in the city that makes the trip more interesting and fun.

Badshahi mosque and Lahore fort

These places are the most famous and highly recommended sites of the city. They are the perfect example of the splendor of ancient Mughal emperors. Both monuments are well preserved by the government. Both buildings are adjacent to each other. There is a religious museum in the mosque where different parts of holy Quran are displayed. The verses are written with gold wire. The other side of the museum has the usable things of prophets and religious personalities. Mosque is amazing and a true structure of mughal art at that time. Lahore fort also has a museum containing the swords and war equipments of old Hindus and Muslim kings in subcontinent.

Minar e Pakistan or tower of Pakistan

It is very close to the fort and if famous because it is a mark of Pakistan resolution before partition. It is made of white marble and has a small lake near it. The tower is illuminated in the night and it becomes extremely attractive. Many activities and rides are also placed here for more fun. It is designed in the form of a flower and the lighting is done very attractively.

Wagah border

This is basically the border between Pakistan and India where every day flag ceremony is done in the early morning and evening. The gates are opened twice to both countries from where the soldiers shake hand with each other before and after the ceremony. The admiring sounds arise from both Indian and Pakistani sides. Bringing passport while going to wagah border is mandatory, for foreigners because there is a strict security check that starts from a huge distance of the border.

Museums in Lahore

There is a variety of museums in the city. Lahore museum is the place that preserved ancient collections from gandhara era, mughal era, wars and defense equipment, manuscripts of different religions, Buddha sculptures in different postures and a huge sculpture of fasting Buddha. They contain huge collections of paintings, arts and collectibles from different cultures. There are also couple of more museums like fakir khana museum, shakir ali museum, and the mughal museum. However there is a science museum as well asking side of university of engineering and technology where the researches and works on scientific phenomenas are displayed. It is majority designed by the students so this is the most admirable thing about it.

Parks and gardens

Lahore is filled with greenery and nature. There are ample of gardens and parks located in the city among which the shalimar garden is very popular. It is designed the mughal kings so it has a strong historical significance. Jillani park is also a place where most of the cultural events and festivals are celebrated like spring festival, cultural exhibition, agriculture exhibition and different other activities. Lahore zoo and Lahore safari are two wild life places and are perfect to experience the beautiful animals and birds closely. The zoo has animals in the cages display which are very safe and the safari is entirely designed according to the real week’s safari experience. This is the perfect place to enjoy especially with kids. There are a couple of water parks also b located in the city where the summers can be enjoyed.

Theatres, cinemas and community centers

There are a lot of cinemas in Lahore where a variety of movies are showcased. Every latest movie is easily available right after it gets released. Environment is very good and comfortable that family can join. There are different community centers and clubs as well where the special halls can be booked for more fun. Alhamra halls are also like community centers or events place where different theatrical activities, dramatics, concerts, exhibitions and many other activities are organized. Classes are also arranged in Alhamra where everyone can learn music or art. Different auditoriums are separate from other according to the activities organized. Shopping in Lahore There are huge options of markets in the city from retail to wholesale.

Lahore Canal

It is a very famous and main feature of the city. Entire canal has trees on both sides where several times people are seen seated during summer. Not only the irrigation system but it is also a part of many cultural events and celebrations. During the spring festival it is adorned and illuminated. Normal canal ends near the River Ravi and there is a sitting area where people can enjoy picnic.

Tech bazaar

Lahore is not far from the technology. Almost every type of electronic is available in the city. There are different markets categorized according to the nature of electronics. Mobile market, camera and photography market, house hold electronics, cars and auto parts, and printing press are located on different places but they are specified and have all the accessories and related things available from all around the world.

Cafes and restaurants

Like celebrations and fun, people of Lahore are also food lovers. The typical flavor of food is spicy and oily where as there is a huge variety of restaurants and cafes which serves traditional and international cuisines. Franchises of different international food chains are also located in the city. Burgers and Pizzas are the most loved item of modern Lahore so the cafes, ice cream parlors and food areas are usually crowded with the youngsters.


Lahore has several luxury hotels where as there are numerous guests houses and apartments available for long term and short term stays. Pearl continental, Avari, holiday inn, savoey, park plaza hotel and many more are in the list. They provide luxurious stays because most of them have all the amenities including swimming pool, jacuzzi, spa, fitness center and gym. Staff of almost every place is very friendly and people are usually very helping in the city.

Events and festivals

The cities always keep on blooming and all seasons, events and festivals are celebrated here. Being filled with a variety of culture different rituals and customs are seen. Muslims celebrate two eid, birth of last prophet (S.A.W), and Christians celebrate their Christmas, easter, Sikh community in Lahore has Their holy places and so hindus and other religions. People belonging from every sect, Norm and religion are allowed to perform their religious rituals in their way without challenging law in anyway. Independence Day and other national holidays are also considered where as special celebration is seen everywhere on Independence Day. Whole city is illuminated and adorned with national flag.

Night life of Lahore

There is every kind of perk available in the city. Lahore doesn’t lacks in anything so night life is also very interesting. Although most of the cafes and restaurants remain open till the mid night where as there are many shopping places which are also seen working in the night. On the cultural and community centers concerts and events are organized that remains going very late night. There is also a red light district in Lahore and there are many places to sit and dine near it. On the other side most of the natives of Lahore are Western-Paki people and they interact in a very friendly manner. While travelling to Lahore, learning Urdu language is not mandatory because major crowd understands English especially the hotels and restaurants staff.

Tips for travelling to Lahore

There are several things the foreigners traveling to Lahore should keep in mind. First of all is Lahore is a very different city from all over the world and is filled with many entertaining things on each step. It is necessary to follow the culture and norms of the city otherwise serious problems may occur. There are some tips to consider while heading towards the city.

  • Lahore is a Muslim city and they have strict rules about the gender difference. Don’t take pictures of any woman without permission.

  • Do not show off every where that you don’t know the way or confused. People of Lahore are very helping but it is better to consult traffic police not anyone else.

  • Stomach problems are common because typical foods of Lahore are very spicy and oily. They create disaster in the stomach. Water served at street restaurants is not also healthy so it is better to buy the water bottles which are easily available everywhere in the entire city.

  • Modern Lahore is more western-Paki but the Inner Lahore is conservative and old. The people there have some old concepts so the culture of both areas is entirely different from each other.

  • While visiting the religious places it mandatory to wear proper clothing. There is a specific attire of Muslims so it is not allowed to enter the places in exposing dresses. The shrines of saints and mosques are specially respected by the community so serious reaction can be faced if someone seen disrespecting the holy places.

  • There are terrorism reports about Pakistan where as it is necessary to know about it. Lahore is itself a very safe place to travel but it is better to avoid visiting desolate areas and the places where the entrance is restricted. Most of the areas have security guards that do critical security check so it is mandatory for the tourists to carry their passport with them.

  • Facility of cards is available almost everywhere but it is better to carry cash because of the confusion in the charges and the currency difference. On some places the swipe machine is also out of order this issue can be prevented by carrying a reasonable amount of Cash.

  • Never use the currency exchange from small dealers in Pakistan. They usually create big issues while converting and charge a huge extra amount on it.

  • Summers are very hot and humid in Lahore. It is like killing. There is a huge dust and noise pollution as well. These things become annoying for people who are not used to it. To avoid such things it is better to go for a good hotel that is located at the less noisy areas.

  • Dressing is a little specified for both genders. Females should avoid revealing clothes in the public places especially markets where as men cannot wear shorts in the mosques or religious areas. If someone touches unnecessarily and a female reacts then huge crowd gathers to ask her “sister what happened”. Need not to scare in any way.

  • Even if the hotel is safe, never leave precious things, money or laptop and phones in the hotel room. There are pickpockets in the crowds so everything should be kept carefully to avoid any uncertainty.