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The “Swat Valley” - Spots most visited by the tourist.

The “Swat Valley”, a paradise on earth - is full of natural beauty that cannot be compared with any other space along the globe. The valley is full of mountains and hills, passed over with vegetation, caught in the floating clouds. The beauty speaks for itself and call upon visitors from all over the world. There are different spots in the valley and every spot has distinctive features that cannot be expressed in words. Therefore, paying a visit to the site is mandatory. Below are a few names and brief introduction to the spots that are visited by the most tourists:

Marghazar: means the “green land”, the valley is full of greenery and surrounded by mountain. It is a hill station in swat, Hhyber Pakthunkhwa. The place is at a distance of 13 Km from Saidu Sharif. The placed seems blessed with pleasant atmosphere, water springs and dense forests.

The height of the mountain is estimated around 10,000 feet above sea level. Miangul Abdul Wadud, the ruler of Swat constructed this place, as a rest house for himself. He use to spend summers here. It was a white marble palace called “Sufed Mahal”. The palace is a fine specimen of architectural skills of that time. There is a 200 year old tree with long branches, that provide shelter to the visitor, and serves as a land mark.

The white palace is constructed in 1940, which is now converted into a hotel. Marghazar is a place worth visiting. The tourist comes here from other parts of the world and enjoy their vacations every year. In 1961, the Queen Elizabeth II also visited Marghazar and stayed here for three days.

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Malam Jabba: is a real place for people who wants to enjoy hiking and Ski. It is the hill stations located in the Karakoram mountain ranges. The place is at a distance of 40 km from Saidu Sharif, 300 Km from Islamabad, and 50 km from Saidu Sharif Airport.

Pakistan government with the assistance of Austrian government was able to establish a resort, that has a ski facility recognized and maintained as per international standards. The resort is equipped with modern roller and ice-skating, rinks, chair lifts, skiing platforms, telephones and snow clearing machinery.

For trekking, two trails are located near Malam Jabba. The first trail passes through Ghorband valley and the top of Shangla at a distance of about 18 km from the resort. The second trail exists in Sabonev Valley, which is at a distance of 17 km from the resort.

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Swat Museum: is situated near Mangora and Saidu Sahrif. The Museum was restored with the help of the Japanese government, exhibiting the Gandhara sculptures collected from Buddhist sites in Swat. The arrangement of the sculptures and the labels clearly highlight the life of Buddha. Utensils, beads, precious stones, coins, weapons, various metal objects, local embroidery, carved wood and tribal jewelry illustrate daily life in Gandhara.

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Miandam: is a hill station located in the Hindu Kush mountain Ranges, at a distance of 55 km from Mangora and 56 km from Saidu Sharif. A Bridge like road constructed with metal and wood - leads you into the town of houses build over a mountain slope, in a manner that the roof of one house becomes the walking path of the house above. The path gradually takes you to the top near the stream.

The infrastructure includes neat and clean streets, a mosque, medical complex and sewerage system. The corn, potatoes and medicinal plants are the primary items for trade to earn income for their livelihood. The fund has also been provided to the people in this area to promote the cultivation of medicinal plants.

Miandam is a good place for hiking. As people can visit here and enjoy the atmosphere, and experience a new culture of the people living here.

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Madyan: Hill stations can be reached by travelling 60 km from Mingora, at an altitude of 1320 meters. The people living here are skilled in the manufacturing of handicrafts. Therefore, the Antique and modern shawls, Swati embroidery, Swati jewelry, Carved wood works, and antiques are the real draw for the tourist. The Madyan can be counted as the trade hub representing the Swati products, and tourist come here from all round the globe to purchase souvenirs and to buy things in bulk for business. The place draws people looking for hiking adventure. From here people usually avail the guide facility who can take them further in the mountains for hiking. Traveling in the mountains alone for hiking is not recommended. The lodging is not an issue, as the hilly area is quite large and offers all types of hotel facilities at an affordable rate.

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Bahrain: It is a Swat valley situated in the north, at a distance of 15 minutes drive from Madyan. The area is also famous for carving wood works; all done with bare hands using manual tools. Tourist come here to buy furniture from the market. The handicrafts of sweat are appreciated all over the world. Bahrain is also popular among tourist, as it is situated near the side of the river, forming an attractive resort. Here, antique woodwork can be explored on the balconies and pillars of some houses. The patters are very similar to patters carved in the era of Buddhism, as they very different from designs adopted by the Muslims.

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Kalam: is a valley popular among tourist due to waterfalls, lakes and abundance of hills covered with greenery. The place is located at the height of 2070 meters above sea level, and at a distance of 100 km from Mingora, 29 km from Bahrain, and 270 km from Islamabad. Kalam is the place most visited by the tourist from all over the globe. In Kalam the river Ushu and Utror falls into the mainstream of river swat. Kalam is connected to the Ushu and Utror valleys via metalled bridge ending into a single road extending into the valley. The soil is very fertile and the cultivation is done here. From this valley with breathtaking views of peaks (Falaksir 5918; 19415ft high) and other unknown peaks covered with snow can be enjoyed and captured in a camera.

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Usho and Utror: is also a valley of swat full of natural colors with eye catching scenery. It is located at a distance of 16 km from Kalam Valley and 120 km from Saidu Sharif. Usho and Utror is surrounded by other valleys, upper Dir district, and Kalam valley. The altitude of Utror valley initiates from 2300 meters and extends up to 2900 meters and reaches Kandol Lake.

Ghabral: The valley is surrounded by Chitral District, Utror valley, upper Dir district, Bhan and Mahodand valleys, and Utror proper and Kalamat. The elevation of the valley is 2580 meters and ends at the top reaching Karakary Lake at the altitude of 5160 meters. The soil is fertile and suitable for cultivation. More than 200 types of medicinal plants or herbs are cultivated in this region. A variety of plants are traded internationally and in the local market.

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Mahudan: valley lies in the North of Kalam. The station is notable not just for the splendid landscapes and scenes, but also for delicious trout fishes. People come here with their families to catch fish, and enjoy eating tasty meat cooked over coal. You can enter the valley via crossing a bridge coming from Kalam. Driving over the Bridge is the work of an experienced person. The road is not smooth, but bouncy. Travelling through these roads is not an easy task, but you forget everything, Once you reach the enchanting valley. Roaring Swat river is terrifying, but still exhibit natural beauty.

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