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The "Mansehra district" - Khyber Pakthunkwa

The region in the east of Khyber Pakhtunkwa is known by the name “Mansehra”. It is the district in the province, which is close to the Abbottabd city. By road; Mansehra can be reached from Islamabad and Peshawar city in three to four hours. Mansehra is the main junction connecting other places of the northern regions. Mansehra is the doorways to northern areas; such as Kaghan Valley, Naran, Shogran, Lake Saiful Mulook and Babusar Top.

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Internationally, Mansehra shares its border with Afghanistan – and within the province it joins with Kohistan district, Diamir district, Abbottabad District, The Neelum Disrict, Azad Kashmir, Swat district and Batgram district. Mansehra along with other district is blessed with natural habitats and eye-catching view that includes: mountain ranges, plains, valleys, lakes and river. The word Mansehra was derived from the word “Mahaan Sehra” means the flower in abundance.

The history reveals that Mansehra has been under the rule of various emperors and governments, including Alexander the Great, Ashoka the Great, the Afghans, the Turks, and Sikhs. By 1849, the British had won command of all of Mansehra with the aim to ensure peace and eradicate rebellion from the area. The British sent their army to suppress the rebellion, especially in the Black Mountains.

Throughout British rule Mansehra was subdivided into three administrative divisions: Mansehra, Abbottabad, and Haripur; and made it the part of Punjab. In 1901 after the formation of Nort West Frontier Province (NWFP) now name changed to Khyber Pakthunkwa (KPK), Hazara was separated and made the part of KPK. Mansehra was a village during the British Rule, and the headquarters of Mansehra tehsil. After the independence, Mansehra was made the part of Pakistan and was upgraded to a district, containing two divisions: Mansehra and Battagram, and two subdivisions Balakot and Oghi were added to the Mansehra district.

The Beautiful Lakes

The Lulusar, Dudipatsar and Saiful Muluk are the three most beautiful lakes exist in Kaghan Valley of Manshera District. The lakes are surrounded with mountains capped with snow. The bluish green water of the lake –surface covered with water lilies - blossoms and veggies around - and the reflecting image of snowy mountain on the water surface: the scene is eye-catching and breathtaking.Hence, it is the peaceful location on the earth. All the lakes are estimated at the height of approximately 3000 meters above sea level. The Lake Lulusar is situated at a distance of 48 Km from Naran. The lake is the main source of water for river Kunhar. The lake Dudipatsar is the real place for hiking, but hardest location to reach. The hiking is really adventurous as the trails surrounded by all the colors from nature. The most visited Lake is the “Saiful Muluk”. Many folk stories are associated with the lake. It is said that the place is visited by the faeries. The romance of a Persian prince and a fairy princess is still heard from the locals. The Lake is situated in the north of Kaghan Valley. It is the highest lakes in Pakistan. Tourists can reach the lake via a four X four jeep in the summer. Visitors can also enjoy five to six hours hiking trail.


The Magnificent Rivers

The Kunhar river runs through Balakot and is the gateway to Kaghan Valley. The Siren is a largest river in the area of Pakhhal, initiates from the mountains called Musa DA Masalla and ends in the Lake of Tarbela Dam. The famous streams connected to the river are “Katha, Jogar Pul Kassi, Panjkoori, and Lassa Nawab. There are more streams connected to the main river, that serves as a picnic spot for the visitors. The most visited picnic spot is near River Siran called “Shahzeb Lake”.


Cultural festival

Hindu of Mansehra gathers at the top of Bareri Hills to worship Devi (as Durga) and present offerings, which are taken by the Brahmin of Mansehra. The ceremony last for only one day every year. There is also an old temple in the nearby village of Chitti Gatti – dedicated to Shiva in the region.


Tourism in the district.

The Mansehra district full of natural beauty comprising of mountains, rivers, lakes, veggies and more. Hence the place seems the part of heaven on the earth. The region is a real attraction for the International tourist and the people who want experience the adventurous hiking trails. Hundreds of Pakistani tourists still visit Mansehra every year. The places most visited by the visitors include; Atter Shisha - Baffa - Khawajgan - Balakot - Old Mansehra City - Township Mansehra - Reerh - Siran valley - Kaghan Valley - New Balakot - Naran - Shogran – Oghi.