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The "Lakes in Swat Valley" – Beautiful Trails For Hiking.

There are many natural lakes exist between the mountains, and can be reached by passing through trekking trails. The spots are most visited by people who wants to enjoy trekking and physically fit and wants to get touched by nature essences. Below are brief introduction of the lakes present in Swat valley.

Pari Or Khaprio Lake: is in the North-east of Utror valley, located at a very high altitude on the highest peak in the range. Water gathers to a considerable depth and made a lake naturally. In some languages spoken in Pakistan, the word Pari means fairies and it is believed that the beauty of the lake is due to the fairies who comes here and enjoy bathe
in the cool and open water of the lake.

The only way to reach the lake is by trekking. Walking on the track need strength, as climbing on the steep turns and slopes is quite exhausting and dangerous. It is recommended to take a proper guide along. There are two tracks from where the lake can be reached. One track starts from Kundal Lake and the second track from Izmis Lake. It takes almost five hours walk to reach the lake from either side.

Pari Lake.jpg

Kundol Lake: is located in the north of Utror valley. Passing through Kalam via Utror valley - a link road runs to the foothills of the lake into the valley called “Ladu”. It takes two hours to reach the Ladu valley on foot. The time can be trimmed down by hiring four wheel jeep. Trekking in this area is safe and one can enjoy the fantasy of the nature around. During summer, people cultivate and harvest potatoes and turnips to sell in the market to bring in income. While winter these people come down from the hills as the winter here is really frigid. There is a small hut in a way, that offers refreshments. People spend some time here and enjoy tea and other beverages. From ladu valley the lake is at a distance of four hour walk. Thus, it is the place for trekking. The courses are surrounded by flora and fauna, with eye catching pictures. People over here are renowned for their cordial reception. It is advisable to rent a guide, who will lead you to top at the lake.

Kundol Lake.jpg

Bashigram Lake: is another beautiful lake surrounded by mountains and eye catching scenes. The lake is positioned in the east of the Bashigram valley near Madyan. The valley can be reached after crossing a metaled bridge using a four wheeler. The lake is at a walking distance of four to five hours from Bashigram valley. The people living around are cooperative and kind. People having knowledge of this area are available as a guide. Anyone can hire them for an assistance.

Bashigram Lake.jpg

Spin Khwar (White Stream) Lake: is a result of water from rainfall and melting snow on the mountain, that flows downwards to organize a clean stream, that gathers into a naturally formed basin or ditch. The spin Khwar lake is situated in the North of Kendall, Lake east of Utror valley. The lake can be reached from the tracks initiating form Kundal and Ladu valley. Trekking from Ladu valley is comparatively safer and easier to climb. It is also a camping site for people who wants to stay there and enjoy the atmosphere, trekking and camping.

Spin Khwar Lake.jpg

Daral Lake: is situated at a very high altitude where wet clouds can be experienced. The location is northeast of Sidgai Lake. It requires three to four hours to reach the Daral Lake while walking through a trail which first lead to the summit of the pile and then sets about to descend and ends up near the lake. This is the spot for people touched by nature and who enjoy the greenery around them.

Daral Lake.jpg
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