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The Gujranwala City

Gujranwala is situated in the province of Punjab, and is famous for the sports of wrestling. The city is also known as the “city of wrestlers”. The area, it covers is around 3198 square Km, having a population of 1,124,799. The climate of Gujranwala is hot is summer. The temperature stays 24 degree - 45 degree during summer. Whereas, winters are cold and pleasant. The historical background of the city reveals that many rulers came here and ruled Gujranwala. From history, we come to know that Sikhs, Buddhists, Mughals and Britishers were the prominent people who came here.

Beside agriculture, the industrial sector helps in creating employment opportunities for the people of Gujranwala. The city shares its borders with important small towns and villages. These towns and villages are the important source of labor, food, grains and other supplies. Punjabi is the main language for communication, but Urdu is the official language, and the English is taught in Schools. The roads and railway network has linked the city with other major cities of Pakistan, and also enhanced the reputation as an impertinent industrial sector of Pakistan.

Gujranwala District is divided into five major areas called tehsils:
1. Gujranwala City.
2. Gujranwala Sadar.
3. Kamonki.
4. Nowshehra Virkan and
5. Wazirabad.
These districts are further divided into six towns.

The Major products of Gujranwala.
The major production of Gujranwala products includes: The rice, sugar cane, melons and grains of finest quality are grown and exported to other countries. The city is also popular for high quality production of;

1. Ceramics.
2. Fans.
3. Electrical-switch gears.
4. Mechanical and electrical tools.,
5. All kinds of heavy machinery.
6. Forge, where metal is produced as raw material.
7. Cutlery.
8. Crockery.
9. Iron safes.
10. Metals.
11. Utensils.
12. Textiles.
13. Wool Sweaters and leather products.
14. Sanitary and
15. Sports goods.

The attraction for the visitors
Most people who visit Gujranwala are local buyers, or comes from other countries who are involved in the international trade. The Duddar export Processing Zone between Gujranwala – Lahore Grand Trunk Road has also enhanced the importance of its industrial sector and trade, which attracts international buyers to visit Pakistan.

Other Attractions include
The sports of Kabbadi, Bodybuilding contest, wrestling, shopping malls, Clubs with swimming pools and squash courts, Jinnah Park, Model town park, Gulshan Park and Liaqat Park attract people from all the places.

Variety of Gujranwala Food
Many restaurants are present in the city offering Chinese, Continental, English, fast food and traditional dishes. Which include mutton chops, Roasted quail, Beef Kabobs, Mince meat sticks, Kidney beans with rice, yellow and red pulses with rice.

The city has a fine network of roads and railway tracks. People, use their own automobiles or avail the bus services to travel. Private taxies, and cars are easily available to travel within the city. The railway connects Gujranwala, with other major cities of Pakistan. People travel and trade through railways also. The city avails the two airline facilities, which is located at a distance of 100 km at Lahore and the second is in Sialkot at a distance of 40 km.

Hotels for tourists
Following are the famous hotels available in the city of Gujranwala city. They offer all necessary facilities at a very reasonable price. Further rooms and guest houses are also available in the city.

· Shelton Hotel
· A One Hotel
· Hotel Global Village
· Lepari Hotel & Banquet Hall.
· Marian Hotel.
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