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Rawalpindi the 4th most populous city of Pakistan is located in North Punjab. It is also known as the twin city of the capital “Islamabad”. Rawalpindi gained its importance after the establishment of Islamabad as a capital of Pakistan. Headquarters of arm forces were also established there, which upraise the economic activities in the city. Rawalpindi also stands in the list of metropolitan cities of Pakistan. With the increase in an economic activity, people from all over the country start to settle down here, and added numbers to the population. People of Rawalpindi are very religious, and also respect all the People belonging to other religions and lives there as a citizen of Pakistan. All share equal rights and are free to practice their traditions and religion. As a host, people of Rawalpindi are very generous and full of respect. The climate of Rawalpindi is quite hot in summer and cold in winters. Usually the weather stays moderate as rain falls often. The economy is based on the services sector, tourism and general trading. There are not too many large industrial units in the city. The government is trying to increase the trend for cottage industry, small sized agricultural units, Livestock farms, tunnel farming and more Agricultural based businesses. Rawalpindi is the hub of Poultry farming. The climate of the city and its surrounding is best suited for rearing and breeding birds. The city serves as the central market for food and grains for the people of northern areas. People of Rawalpindi love Hoteling, this is why the city has a number of small and large restaurants. Good quality food is available everywhere in affordable rates. Hotels can be considered as, one of the largest industries in the city and has created a large number of employment. Traces of Old city are still present, which represents the tradition and architectural skills of the people of olden days. The city is expanding proportionately with the increase in population. New societies have been developed in the city. Bharia town is the largest organization, representing the private sector and trying to develop new towns for people belonging to different income groups. Rawalpindi is the city, from where the real tourism starts.

Food of Rawalpindi : Nan cholay, Nehari, Saver foods, roasted Quails and sparrows, Dahi Baray, Ice-
cream, Chapli kababs, Seakh Kabab, and chicken tikka are the most famous food of this city. One must try milk soda and lemon soda also.

Tourist attractions in Rawalpindi : include a Pakistan army museum, Parks, New shopping malls, Old markets for Shopping. Basically, Rawalpindi is the central point where tourist comes and stay before continuing their journey to other northern areas. The city is peaceful and has available all the stuff to cater living needs. Visitors must visit the Zoological Garden, Rawal dam, Rawal Lake, Rawalpindi museum, Safari Park, Ayub National Park (spread over 2300 acres and has Zoo, Amusement area, Play land, Haunted house, Park restaurant), Nawaz surf park, Liaqat park and a lot more.

Hotels and restaurants in Rawalpindi : for tourist are frequently available throughout the city. Tourist with large budgets can book their stay in a Pearl continental hotel (Islamabad), Marriot hotel (Islamabad), Sareena Hotel (Islamabad), Shalimar Hotel (Rawalpindi), and Hotel Regent (Rawalpindi). Many privately owned guest houses can be booked at cheaper rents. It is recommended, to contact someone with good reputations, who can arrange accommodation as per your requirements.

Transportation and road network in Rawalpindi : is being addressed by the government. New roads are being planned and developed. New flyovers have been constructed to overcome the loads of traffic. A track for speed train is under construction. This track will accommodate city traffic and cut down travel between Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Moreover, private cabs are readily available in the city. Tourist can book cabs with experienced tour guides. Mostly, all the hotels provide conveyance facilities at affordable rates.