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New Murree: “Patriata”

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Patriata is a part of Murree Tehsil, Rawalpindi district in Northern Punjab. It is a hill station distant at 15 Km, southeast of Murree hills. The main attraction for the tourist is the chairlift and the cable car ride. The hills are estimated over 6000 ft, above sea level. The climate is cool during day time and cold to freezing at night. The mound is crossed with tall trees and flora all around. Summer is the best time to visit the place, as visibility is more clear due to less clouds. Tough visiting hills in snowy winters have its own pleasure.

The ride also allows you to get a clear sight of the top of Murree and the Kashmr Hills. The chairlifts and cable cars are fully computerized and can be operated during a tempest, as it conforms to international standards. To reach Patriata you need to get to the start point at New Murree. From Here the chairlift will make you land on to the middle hill. Here you can spend some time and get a clear view of hills and greenery around. To begin with the journey from here on wards, you will have to get aboard the Cable Car. The total distance covered (Chairlift + Cable Car) is about 7 Km. While traveling through Cable car you will be able to see small villages set in the valleys, tall trees, real mountain, and the network of roads engineered by Pakistan Army.

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The resort:

The Patriata is visited by many people every day. The Hill station is worth seeing, where charges for the ride is affordable and not more than Rs.400 per person. At Patriata you can wander about in the woods and enjoy the natural greenery and climate. The slight wind breezes all the time which you can feel, touching your ears. Stick to the path at Patriata, it will precede you the highest point on the pitcher's mound.

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The view from the top of the hill cannot be expressed in words. Do not try to go deep into the forest as there may be chances of getting lost, or confrontation with the wild animals is possible. The local people are very friendly and helpful, and they have stalls for food and beverage for the visitors. People usually come here for a picnic and have lunch here. While visiting to Patriata try a special tea boiled over a hot charcoal with fresh milk, you will forever remember the taste upon recalling your memory.

Horse ride:
I remember the white, and very large sized horses in Patriata. The owners of the horses were the local people. You can enjoy the horse ride against nominal charges. I realized the size of the horse when I tried to get over the saddle. My legs were stretched apart and I could barely reach the stirrup. Anyways, the horse was tamed and ride I cannot forget.

If you are planning to visit Murree for the first time, remember that there is Murree (old) and also New Murree. In Murree you can only shop and set out your accommodation, but the real enjoy starts in New Murree. There are chairlifts in Murree by the real enjoyment is in visiting Patriata.

Important Note:
Do not wear loose clothing and always keep your eyes on your children, Specially while hopping onto the chairlift. The chairlift get slow down but do not stop, the rider has to skip onto the chair or otherwise, there could be bad consequences.​
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I have heard a lot about Patriata and would love to go there one day. Thanks for posting this excellent information about Patriata.