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Nathia Gali - Murree

It is also a hill station near Murree, located in Hazara division, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The station is renowned for its natural habitat and scenery. Nathia Gali is at a distance of 34 Kilometers, and it requires one hour drive from Murree to reach the place. The altitude of the hill is over 8000 ft above sea level. Therefore, the climate is cool during summer, and the hills are usually covered with mist and floating clouds. Further, the greenery over the hills, the trees of pine, cedar, oak, walnut and maple trees add beauty to the resort.

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Nathia Gali is more popular for its hiking tracks as the cool weather double the enjoyment, and the pleasure while walking in the forest. Due to limited lodging facility, people commonly arrive and reserve their stay in Murree as it is the center place, and the nearby stations can be reached easily. Since, all types of transportation is also easily available.

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Natural scenery attracts the tourist to visit and enjoy the nature. The route which runs from Murree to reach Nathia Gali also speaks out the glory itself. High Mountains along the road has a beauty of its own. While traveling towards Nathia Gali, there comes a place between mountain where the water is continuously bulging out from the foot of the hill. The water is said to contain natural minerals which are considered good for the skin. People stop here and enjoy fresh water.


During June – August the hills are commonly shrouded with mist, the weather remain chill, and it rains almost every day during Monsoon season. It gets freezing cold during winters and the snowfall beautifies the scene on the mountains. The Kashmir and the Nanga Parbat can also be seen from the mounds. The Mushpuri and Miranjani are two high peaks near the hill. The town also has a small market which make available all the necessary things for the tourist, and the local people living in the neighborhood. The best recommended time for visiting the resort is the summer season.

Nathia Gali is also popular for exhibiting its wildlife. The forest has many species of birds and the most famous are the snow leopards. These animals are rarely seen in the populated areas, but the dangers of attack cannot be neglected. The most populated animals are the forest monkeys. These creatures often crawl near to the human population in search of food. We cannot say that they are harmless, but it is important to keep distance from them as they are wild and can attack.


Transportation: Nathia Gali is situated in the middle of Abbottabad and Murree. Therefore, the station can be reached from either side by means of any kind of public and private transport. Only during winters the snow fall blocks the roads which create temporary problems to reach the resort.

Accommodation: The capacity of Nathia Gali is not same as Murree. The place has lesser hotels, motels or cottages for visitors to stay. People usually arrange their stay in Murree and visit the hills and near by places. Lodging can be arranged if the tour is planned in advance.

Precautions: Be careful while driving a car. It is best to hire a person who can drive the car and serve you as a guide. Follow the signs on the road and do not go deep into the forest. Always carry extra clothing in your bag.
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