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Islamabad city, the capital of Pakistan: is the most peaceful place in the country. It is located in the northern part of the country in Potohar Plateau. The city is a stunning specimen of natural landscape covered with green trees and surrounded by mountains. The hills are well known by the name; “Margalla Hills”. The city is the gateway to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and other northern areas. Presidential palace (Aiwan-e-Sadr): the home of the president of Pakistan is also located in Islamabad. The city has the highest literacy rate as compared to other cities of the country. The history reveals the traces of prehistoric culture and the initial location for people settled in Asia. On digging, the pottery and utensils were also found, contributing to the evidences of historic civilization existed near 3000 BC. It is also noticeable that Islamabad was used as the gateway by pronounced armies to capture the Indian Subcontinent. Zahiruddin Baber, Genghis Khan, Timur and Ahmad Shah Durrani are the prominent armies. The climate of Islamabad is humid, hot in summer, and quite cold in the winters. It is the city of all seasons, where people enjoy and experience the nature. It is observed that the temperature simmers down to cool after rainfalls. The reason for frequent rainfall is the location of Islamabad, as it is surrounded by mountains, lakes and water reservoirs. The city has the highest literacy rate in the country, and hold many famous educational institutions for higher education.

Islamabad: a place for politicians, diplomats and government employees come here often, as all the major country governing decisions and activities are performed in the parliament house (Islamabad) and other concern institutions. Embassies of many countries are also located in Islamabad.
Islamabad in a new era follows the town planning as adopted for the development of Saidpur. It is the area which British took control from Sikhs in 1849. The city is well planned, followed by latest architectural technology. The road network is well defined and far better than the road network of other cities in Pakistan. The city is full of parks for children, full of greenery and flowers. The city has its own Airport and railway station. The airport is operational for all national and international flights. The city is well maintained by the authorities. The city ranks as the Gamma + city in the world.

Attraction for the tourists in Islamabad : is the lush green valleys around the city and the beautiful mountains. The city and its surroundings are full of places for tourist to visit.

The famous places include:

Daman-e-Koh: is a hill station situation on the slopes of Margalla-Hills. It is a place filled with greenery and natural views. A recreational Park has been constructed for children. Small restaurants are also present.

Pir Sohawa : is situated on the top of the Margalla Hills. The point gives the complete view of Islamabad city. The roads are safe, and two way track is available. While travelling, the scenery around and along the road make people understand the power of God, who created the whole universe. This place is just a specimen of nature.

Shakar Paryian: The location is situated within the city. It is also a hilly area with recreational park for everyone. People come here to spend evenings. The great part of Shakar Paryian is the monument. It is the art work of modern architectural technology. The construction represents unity of all the provinces of Pakistan.

Rawal Lake and Dam: is artificially built between the arms of Margalla hills. The dam supplies water to twin cities i.e. Islamabad and Rawalpindi. The lake is surrounded by green trees, and a new recreational park have been constructed for the visitors. The park also exhibits many wildlife features.

Golara Sharif (Shrine of Pir Meher Ali Shah): is situated in the hills of Margalla. Every year many people come here to celebrate the yearly anniversary. Golara Sharif has great importance for the people of Potohar valley.

Said Pur: is situated on the slopes of margalla hills, near Daman-e-Koh, Islamabad. This is a real place for a historian and Archaeologists. The traces of Ganghara, Greek, Budhist, Mughal, Ashoka civilization are still present.

Faisal Mosque: A fine specimen of modern architecture. It is the one of the largest mosque in Asia. The structure of this mosque stands without pillars. It is situated at the foot of Margalla hills. Lush green mountains enhances the beauty of the mosque view.

Bari Imam: is the shrine of Shah Abdul Latif Kazmi. The shrine was built by the great leader, a Mughal emperor, “Aurangzeb”. Bari Imam has great importance for many people. Every year, thousands of people come to and pay visit.

Salgira: It is recreational place and a natural waterfall. People bring their children for a picnic, and enjoy natural scenery.

Islamabad Zoological Garden: A well maintain Zoological garden is another recreational park for the general public. The zoo has a variety of animals and birds. The zoo is located in the foothills of Margalla hills. The zoo exhibits, animal and birds lived in the hills of Margalla.

China Park: is another recreational park for the general public, just adjacent to the zoological garden. This park was constructed with the collaboration of China.

Hotels in Islamabad
: In Islamabad hotels are not a problem to find, number of hotels are available everywhere in the city. One can choose a five star hotel or a private guest house, depending on the budget. All hotels fully facilitate all the guest and help to make the tour rememberable. I wont mention any names as there are so many of them available on different hotel booking websites to choose from.

Transportation in Islamabad : Transportation of all types is readily available throughout the city. For tourists, private cars, jeeps and buses with guides are available at reasonable rates. For foreigners, it is best suggested to contact the hotel management to arrange conveyance and reputable guide.
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