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The city is well famous for many persuasive Sufi’s, saints and poets. It is the 2nd largest city of the province “Sindh”. The founder of this city is “Mian Ghulam Shah Kalhoro”. After the independence of Pakistan, the Hyderabad city served as the capital of Sindh (1947 – 1955). The weather of Hyderabad is scorching and humid during the summer and moderate during winter. The people of all religions live in the city; people respect and enjoy the freedom of culture and traditions. Guest and foreigners are welcomed heartily and with gestures. Hyderabad also serves as the economic hub between interior Sindh and Karachi. One of the largest food and grain market is situated here. A large number of people are employed in the industries include: textile, sugar, cement, soap, ice, paper, pottery, tanneries and garments. The reason for flourishing small scale industries of Hyderabad is its skilled and hard working people.

Attraction for the tourist:

Ancient architectural discoveries: attracts people, especially the archeologist to observe the traces of pre-Hrappan civilization found during dig outs and preserved with the help of government. The location is distanced at 110 Km from Hyderabad and has great importance for the archaeologist throughout the world.

Hyderabad Fort (Pakko Qila or Meeran - Jo - Qilo): is the most primitive specimen of civil engineering and architectural work. People come from all over the world to experience the legendary constructed building. It has been witnessed that many spiritual and famous personalities, visited the fort in different historical eras.
Pako Qilo.jpg

Handicrafts: People from all over the world desire to to visit Hyderabad, specially to buy handicrafts. The bangles, Ajrak (block printed shawls), Sindhi caps, embroidered bed sheets with small pieces of glass are in high demand by the foreigners. Visitors often buy these items as a gift and souvenir for friend and family. People of Hyderabad are skilled in “silver and gold works”: “polishing jewelries and furniture”: And “making of decorative silks” with own hands using small tools and needles.

Food and Deserts: are in high demand by the people within the country and internationally. The reason is the excellent taste and pure ingredients used in the preparation of these famous desserts. Visitors must try and taste Coffee cake and candies from Bombay bakery: Rabri (desert prepared from Buffalo pure milk): Halwa (Confectionary) and pure Butter. One of the most famous dishes! One should never forget to try: a fried “Pallah fish”. People specially visit Hyderabad just because of these famous confectionery items.

Transportation: is readily available to reach Hyderabad, through air, sea, railways and by road. Using super highway, Hyderabad is at a distance of two and a half to three hours drive from Karachi. People prefer to travel to Hyderabad by road. Busses are readily avail 24/7 at reasonable fares. People coming from other cities can avail flights operated by Pakistan International airlines and other available commercial airliners. People coming from other countries has to reach Karachi or other nearby city airport first, to take the flight for Hyderabad. Railways: are also a good means of transport to travel to Hyderabad. All the cities are connected to Hyderabad through a fine railway network.

Hotels, Motels and guest houses: are available at affordable rates. Two to three days visit plan is quite enough to explore the city of Hyderabad. It is best suggested to contact a proper travel agent to help you find a proper place to stay according to your requirements.
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