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Hotels in karachi


New Member
What are the best site for booking online for hotels ? I am going to visit Karachi soon or do u know any good hotel near dha karachi.

Hotels in Karachi
  • Karachi Pearl continental Hotel 5 Star hotel located in central down town
  • Movenpick Karachi Hotel International 5 Star hotel at club road near PC Karachi
  • Marriott Hotel Karachi 5 Star hotel in central Karachi
  • Karachi Avari Hotel 5 Star hotel on Fatima Jinnah road
  • Mehran Hotel Karachi 3 Star best choice after the 5 star hotel located near downtown
  • Beach Luxury Hotel Karachi 3 Star the only beach hotel of the country
  • Ramada Hotel Karachi airport 5 Star near Quaid e Azam International airport
  • Regent Plaza Hotel & Convention Centre Karachi 4 Star hotel on main Shahrae Faisal
  • Luxury Inn Karachi : 2 Star basic hotel on Shah Rae Faisal.
  • Sarawan Hotel Saddar 2 star hotel in Saddar bazaar area
  • Hotel Faran Karachi 2 Star hotel in central business district
  • Airport Hotel Karachi 3 Star