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Hill station in Pakistan - Murree

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The Muree, is also known as the Queen of all the hills in Pakistan. It is located at the borders of Punjab province. The place is most visited by the local citizens, including foreigners during all four seasons. The hill gets more crowded during summer holidays. There are four routes to reach Murree from Islamabad. The shortest road is about 30 km, in the northeast of Islamabad. The Hill station exists in the foothills of the Himalayas, at the height of approximately 7000 – 7500ft above sea level. In the east the river Jehlum separates Murree from Azad Kashmir, Abbottabad lies in the northwest, and Islamabad is located in the southwestern. The hills stretch out towards the Galliat region of KPK province. From the Murree hill station we have more choices to explore recreational places of which the most popular are Nathiagalli, Ayubia, PC-Bhurban and Patriyata.

Climate in Murree:
The climate is one of the major factors which influences and draw visitors towards Murree. During Springs: the temperature stays between 4 – 20 Celsius. The area experiences heavy rainfall, which brings vegetation and fresh water filling up the waterways. All the filth is washed away permitting the clear view of the hills and the surrounding. The aroma of soil really touches the soul and heightened the pleasure and joy.

Summer is the peak tourist season: The people are drawn towards Murree due to low temperature and pleasant atmosphere. Summer lasts till the end of August. The weather throughout the day remain cool and gets chilled at night. In fact, we can hardly find any electric fans around, even in summer. People who really want to enjoy the clear view of the hills are advised to visit the hills between September and October. During these months the scenery is more visible due to clear sky and less clouds. Gradually, the temperature drops to freezing point, and this is the beginning of snowfall. The Hill receives less visitors during winters, but this time of year has its incomparable colors of nature and joy.

Road to Murree:
We require about one hour drive to reach Murre from Islamabad. The zigzag road gradually starts elevating towards the hill station. The path follows along the natural beauty that include; tall trees, mountains full of vegetation, Clouds floating around, slight cool breeze touching the ears, and we can feel the glow in the air, which one cannot express in words. While traveling, we can experience the mountain life and the civilization around. On the way to Murree there are pavements along the road, where people can halt and relish the scene. At every short distances we can find stores selling drinks for refreshment along with a variety of snacks. The traffic flows two ways on the same road. Therefore, It is important to drive very carefully, since the roads are full of commercial vehicles that includes buses, vans and trucks. Avoid overtaking and high speeding. Watch out for the obstacles, sharp turns and drive safe. People often come here to relax and enjoys the drive in the peaceful mountains.

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The principal place in Murree, which is entirely occupied by the visitors throughout the year is Mall road. For ladies and children the place is a shopping paradise. From here people usually buy handicrafts, shawls, jewelry, hand woven rugs, woodcrafts and other decors for their kin and acquaintances. The Ice cream and Coffee is really popular over here. The route is surrounded by all kinds of hotels, and motels. People get their rooms booked and stay to enjoy their visit.

If anyone wishes to experience a real swing in the air and on to the mountain, go to the place called Pindi point. Here you can enjoy the ride on the chairlifts, which swings up to three km down towards Bansragalli. From here we can induce a clean view of Pindi, Islamabad and the Hazara mountains. The other terminal of the Mall road is called the Kashmir point, not because the hills ends in Kashmir, but it sometimes presents the clearest view of snowy Himalaya, and Pir Panjal ranges situated in Kashmir.

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Places to enjoy meals:
Most restaurants are located along the Mall road, serving a variety of food, fruits and desserts. The recipes include; Pakistani, Continental, Italian, Chinese, Persian, Mexican and many other varieties of food. Mostly all the restaurants offer quality food at affordable prices. Some of the nation's best restaurants are nearby;
  • Al-mai-dah.
  • Fuschia Restaurant.
  • Usmania Restaurants.
  • Red Onion Chain of Restaurants.
  • Saffron Restaurants.
  • KFC, Millenium Mall Murree at the end of Mall road.
  • Angeethi.
  • Peshawar Namak Mandi Restaurant.
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Accommodation for Lodging in Murree:
Muree is spread over an area of about seven Kms. Tourists come here from every corner of the country and seek lodging. Murree is a place for tourists, and offers lodgings up to the highest standards. The lodging charges fluctuate accordingly, depending upon the vicinity and the seasons. During peak seasons it is hard to find lower rates for lodging near the scenic locations. There are many different types of lodging available within and or around Murree. Names of some of the hotel offering lodgings are;
  • Usmania Restaurant in Murree.
  • Shangri-la Resort Hotel in Murree.
  • PC Bhurban in Bhurban.
  • Jawa Hotel in Murree.
  • Maisonette Morning Side.
  • Murree Holidays (Murree Apartments).
  • Hotel Amore in Doonga Gali.
  • Hotel LeGRAND in Changla Gali.
  • Maisonette Firhill in Murree.
  • European Complex in Bhurban.
  • Usmania Hotel, On main Mall Road Murree.
  • Bright-land hotel, Imtiaz Shaheed Road.

If you are planning to visit Murree during summer holidays, it is suggested to book lodging two months in advance.

Transportation: is no problem to reach and roam around Murree. Great numbers of coaches and cabs are available with experienced guides at affordable rates. You can hire a car to reach Murree from Islamabad. The second option is to hang onto a bus which will drop you to Murree against very nominal charges. If you are travelling with your family, it is suggested to book a whole van with an experienced scout. Hiring a van would be more economical, safe to cater goods along.

Note: People who are not used to highs are advised to keep pills to control vomiting and headache.
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