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Hiking in The Margalla Hills – Trail 5.

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he trails 5 in the Margalla hills were never opened for common people, as the area was under the control of Inter services intelligence (ISI). Therefore, it was a no go area and closed for hiking or any other activities. But now! After a legal pursuit, Margalla Hills society has been able to get the permission to open the area for common people, so they can experience the nature and enjoy hiking and camping as well.

The trail initiates from Margalla Road in sector F-5, in front of judges Colony. You can park your car safely in the parking area allocated for the visitors. The track is situated in the Darra Jungle area, which is considered most beautiful and eye catching location in the mounds. One can find many different kinds of birds in the trees, and other animals around. During the day light monkeys are the most prominent animal hanging in the trees and sitting on the grounds looking for food, which people usually bring along for the monkeys. You will have a number of plants, which you must have not looked anyplace else. The stunning vegetation and scenery around definitely make every to feel the presence of the creator as the creation is humanly not possible.

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As a hiker we have many options on the trails to enjoy by extending or curtail the hike, by selecting alternate routes along the trail. One choice is to go from the point where cars are parked and end to the other side of the mound. The second option is to switch over to trails 3, using trail 4, which joins trail 3 and trail 5. On the main trail there is a place allocated for people who wants to enjoy the camping. The location I like the most is around the water stream. You will find the location on the primary track, at a walking distance of 20 minutes from the camping area. Hikers, stops here to regain their energy and relish the fresh water flowing into he steams. The location is also appropriate for watching birds. The management has also installed benches and tables to sit and rest.

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From the resting point at a distance of 30 minutes, hikers can switch trails. The trails on the left will take you to the trails 3. On continuing straight, the trail will lead you to the Pir Sohawa road, and on turning right, you will again reach the fresh water stream. Walking along the stream will lead to Pir Sohawa road. The main trails #5 is around 6.5 Km, and the time needed to comprehend the distance is roughly 3.5 – 4 hours. Whenever you visit Islamabad and have a desire to run off for hiking, the trails #5 is the most recommended trail, and liked by the hikers.

  • While working on a hiking trip, do not overload yourself while carrying unnecessary things.
  • Carry plenty of water and light snacks which can cater requirements during 4 – 5 hours outing.
  • Carry a first aid kit with you.
  • Always work on hiking in groups, even if you are experienced.
  • Always watch out for the climate. Avoid hikes during harsh or unpredictable conditions.
  • Wear proper shoes and clothes, according to the weather conditions.
  • Always keep yourself straight on the track, and do not try to go into the forest as there are lots of dangerous things might be waiting.
  • Always keep yourself at a distance from any kind of animals. Monkeys look friendly, but they are not and could be really unsafe.
  • It is smart to plan hikes or camping during day time. Since, at night there is always a danger of lions, snakes, wild boars, wolves, Storms, Fire in the woodland, and specially thieves.
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