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Faisalabad, the Manchester City of Pakistan
Faisalabad was formerly known as Lyallpur. The city was named “Faisalabad” in honor of King Faisal of Saudi Arabia in 1977. It is the third largest metropolitan city of the country and second after Lahore. Faisalabad population has increased sharply because of the available fertile land, and due to an employment opportunity available within the largest textile factory setup of the country. The Faisalabad city is resembled with the Manchester City of UK, since Manchester is also famous for its textile industry. The Chenab River flows about 30km in North-West whereas the Ravi streams 80km in the South-East. The Chenab & Ravi lower canals makes Faisalabad fertile land and covers about 80% of irrigation requirements.

Faisalabad being an industrial hub of the country: caters railway engineering unit, textile factories, Silk factories, sugar mills, oil refineries, hosiery units, dyes manufacturing units, chemical factories, beverages, edible ghee and oil factories and many cottage units. Mostly, people of Faisalabad are technically skilled and intelligent. No wonder, the products manufactured in Pakistan will capture a large share in the international market if people of Faisalabad are given work opportunity, and economically supported by the government.

Attractions for the tourists: is the historic clock tower, which stand in the place where it was installed initially. The tower is famous by the name “Ghanta Ghar”. Other famous places which may attract visitors include: Chenab Club, Gatwala Forest Park, Jinnah Garden, Faisalabad Arts Council and Lyallpur Museum. One may find time for shopping so they are suggested to visit the Ripple Plaza, Do Burj, and Center Point. The main attraction in the Gatwala Forest is the lush green trees and rides for children and the two lakes. Only one lake is used for boating whereas, the second one is the habitat of crocodile. Safe places have been built for visitors to enjoy watching crocodile from a safe distance.

Famous food of Faisalabad: can be tasted at the famous food street of Faisalabad. People come here from distant to enjoy food. Among famous food are; Samosa (fried piece of flour loaf containing mincemeat or veggies. It looks like a small version of pasta.), Dahi Bhale and Gol Gappe(It is a desert containing curd, pulses, sugar, salt, onions, potatoes as an ingredient). People of Faisalabad also like to dine in hotels. Therefore, a chain of local, continental, English and Chinese restaurants are present in the city. KFC, Pizza Hut, mcdonalds, Lausanne, Dynasty, Chatkhara, Hawyalian, Bundu Khan, Bar-BQ is the famous restaurant in the city.

Hotels for tourist in Faisalabad: are easy to find and select according to your budget. Due to textile industry, people from all over the world visit Faisalabad, and this is the reason which amplified the hotel requirements in the city. The list of the famous hotels in Faisalabad includes;

  • Alburaq Hotel and Restaurants.
  • Bismillah Hotel & Family Hall, Citi Hotel.
  • Hotel Lord's Inn.
  • National Hotel.
  • New Al-Barket Hotel.
  • Prime Hotel & Restaurant.
  • Rays hotel & restaurant.
  • Sandal Bar Hotel.
  • Serena hotel.
  • Hotel East Inn.
  • Raj One Hotel.
  • Regency International.
  • Grace Hotel and Restaurants.
  • Royalton Hotel & Restaurant.
Transportation facilities: in the city include Faisalabad International Airport, a major source of goods and passenger circulation within and outside the country. The CNG and metro bus system is also available to take the passengers on the international standard roads built under the authority of National Highway, Pakistan. It has many highways connecting Faisalabad with many other important cities of the country, including Lahore, Multan, Islamabad, Sargodha, etc. Private cars for the tourist are also available easily. All the hotel management facilitates and can arrange transportation for tourist on request.
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