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Ayubia National Park - Murree

The Ayubia National Park, is situated in the region of Gilliat, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, Northern area. After Murree and Nathia Gali it is the most popular place visited by hundred’s of people every day. The area of about 1700 hectors of forest was protected under the forest preservation act, and it is being managed by the Wildlife and park development authorities of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Ayubia, was declared as the National Park in 1984. The aim was to preserve natural forest in the region. Later the forest area has been extended over to 3312 hectares.

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The Hill Stations: Ghor Daka, Khanspur, Gali Chang La and Khairagali are the hill stations, that jointly covers the area of about 26 Km and is named as “Ayubia”. There are 7 villages and 4 major towns around it, and since this area attracts a very large number of tourists annually, there is a large number of hotels and restaurants around the park. The park was named before former president of Pakistan, “Muhammad Ayub Khan (1958 -1969).

Ayubia is at a distance of 26km from Murree. Consequently, visitors make Murree the lodging point, and travel around nearby places. The main attraction of this hill resort is the chairlifts. The top of the hills is estimated over 8000 feet above the sea level. The ride on a chairlift is really breath taking. First; the chairlift hung high above the ground. Second; the scenery is so beautiful that speaks itself the figure of its creator. Summer is the best time to visit Ayubia as the climate is clear and pleasant. It brings the visitors to the highest point along the mound from where one can find out the forested hill, and the frozen mountain, as snow is constantly present throughout the year over the meridian. During intense snowfall the management stop operating chairlift as a safety precaution. The spot has hiking places, picnic points and small restaurants all around the place.

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Other than recreational things, there are more than 100 varieties of plants on the hill. The trees of Cedrus deodara, Blue Pine, Yew, Silver Fir, Horse Chestnut and Oak are planted here in abundance. The plants includes a variety of herbs and beautiful shrubs. It is said that these herbal plants are very effective for the treatment of hepatitis, stomach ulcers, snake bites, internal infections, diabetes, external wounds, asthma, and few of them hold treatment for a few types of cancer also.

Ayubia national park is also a habitat for 203 species of birds. This includes Golden Eagle, the vulture, Sparrowhawk, and varieties of pigeon. Rare Himalayan pheasant species like Kalij and Koklass are also present. There are 31 species of mammals also present on the hills, that include; Leopards, Wolves, Fox, Wild boars, and flying Squirrel which is one of the amazing animals on the hill. To see them in real you have to step down into the jungle.

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Make your visit to northern areas of Pakistan more memorable by visiting Ayubia National Park as it holds breath taking nature and beautiful scenery.​
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