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    Things to do in Karachi

    Karachi Tourist attractions in Karachi City of Quaid-e-Azam: Karachi is commonly known as city of Quaid (Mohammad Ali Jinnah). Karachi is birth place of Mohammad Ali Jinnah (Quaid/ the progenitor) and has several buildings associated with his life. Wazir Mansion rented by Jinnah’s father...
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    Hotels in karachi

    Hotels in Karachi Karachi Pearl continental Hotel 5 Star hotel located in central down town Movenpick Karachi Hotel International 5 Star hotel at club road near PC Karachi Marriott Hotel Karachi 5 Star hotel in central Karachi Karachi Avari Hotel 5 Star hotel on Fatima Jinnah road Mehran Hotel...
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    Hotel Recommendation in Lahore

    Hotels in Lahore Pearl Continental Hotel Lahore 5 Star Hospitality Inn Lahore 4 Star Avari Hote Lahore 5 Star Hotel Ambassador Lahore 3 Star Best Western Hotel Lahore 3 Star Smart Hotel Lahore (Formerly Best western) Hotel Sunfort Lahore 4 Star Amer Hotel Lahore 3 Star Leaders Inn Lahore 3...
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    Hiking in the Margalla Hills

    Margalla Hills National Park Islamabad Pakistan Margalla Hills National Park is located in the foothills of the Himalayan range. The topography is rugged, with numerous valleys and many steep and even precipitous slopes. The area is drained by the River Kurang and its tributaries, which flow...